School Programs


Parents & Schools United with Talking Jars
Munchies for Mom & Desserts for Dads are before school 45 minute programs where we “Talk” to Moms and Sons or Dad’s and Daughters (or a special person if Mom’s or Dad’s are not present) about the ways to communicate safely and play "The Talking Jars" with them.
The same style evening program which is traditionally 1 hr. to 1.5 hours and is called: Munchies for Mom’s and Desserts for Dad’s.
We present about how to communicate and show families how to find their find their Core Identity and build their family foundation.
These are not one time programs. 
Our goal is once the program has been introduced as stated above; to have a Mentor Program of Older Students, PTA volunteers or parents and grandparents to work with the younger students. Sponsored by the PTA, this is a continuous evolving program from Elementary through Middle School with the most important component being follow through.
The importance of developing and using these effective communication skills is an ongoing process that Students will take with them through life having learned how to effectively TALK about issues such as Anger, Bullying, Family, Grief and much more.
Our Munchies for Mom’s and Desserts for Dad’s are effective and life changing. The feedback from parents, students, teachers and principals has exceeded our expectations and theirs. The associated costs are minimal and include time, travel and the food and beverages that are provided. This can be sponsored in the community through donations or provided by the PTA.
Traditionally parents wish to purchase The Talking Jars, afterward to begin using in the home. We either offer the Jars at a discount the day of the event or The PTA may provide them, depending on arrangements.



You'll learn things about yourself and others you never knew before!